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Start Before You're Ready

Start Before You’re Ready is an important concept for creative types outlined in our FreshViews Lesson Four. This idea from Josh Linkner's book Big Little Breakthroughs, is a powerful tool for high school creative students.

Perfection is imaginary

So many learners are hesitant to release their creative work out into the wild before it's 100% ready. Linkner's thesis is that waiting for imaginary perfection is 100% what not to do. Jump in before your creative is perfect. If you wait until you are 100% "ready", then not only does life pass you by but the work you turn out actually is not as good.

Greater understanding comes from sharing

This may be counterintuitive, but think back to your life. How many times have you learned something valuable about a project or a sport only after you shared it with other people?

Linkner's book is completely centered around creative students which is why we included it as one of the core texts in our lessons.

Want to learn more?

Watch a 3-minute excerpt from FreshViews Lesson Four.


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