Engaging your school community.

Walk into any high school’s cafeteria area and you’ll see a monitor on a wall.  90% of the time the screen is blank. We’re filling those screens with content creating a nationwide platform for students to create and display their talent on.

Visit Rockview HIgh and see all the Rumours' news---current and past---via their templated ViewPlace screens!

Get weekly updates from Rockview High plus ViewPlace news and events.​ Visit Rockview High School online.

ViewPlace Boosts K-12 Community Engagement

K-12 Schools thrive on interaction with parents and students. Display screens in shared spaces like cafeterias and hallways can showcase your school.  But creating great content can be hard. ViewPlace makes creating content a breeze.


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$450 per year


We made ViewPlace affordable: $450/year per building.  Built for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Admins, Students and Teachers can all use ViewPlace effectively.


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ViewPlace: Designed for K-12 Schools


ViewPlace is designed from the ground up specifically for K-12 schools. Simply...

  • drop in photos (from your yearbook team),

  • type in some headlines and captions, then

  • upload. Easy!

View the Rockview High example here.

Launching Jan 1 - Limited Time Special


Special Deal! Sign up for pre-launch special pricing. We’ve been working on ViewPlace for two years — talking to you, the K-12 administrators and teachers and staff — now we’re in the final stages of building. Hurry, offer ends soon.


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